And Exciting Hiking, Climbing Mount Batur Begins!!

There was a small debate about who would be joining, because at that time there were only three of us, and it felt uncomfortable if only three people left. Finally I tried to send sms to several candidates who most likely want to participate.

I sent about 4 sms, and yay! Get one more personnel to run this crazy idea. Batur Sunrise Trekking, without a plan, without preparation, without knowing the hiking path!! A little reckless, but fun isn’t it!? Or rather… you could say, CRAZY!! Hehehe…

Brief information about Mount Batur, is an active volcano on the island of Bali, and has erupted many times. The last time it erupted was in 2004, the greatest eruption occurred in 1926 which had covered the Batur village and Ulun Danu temple with its incandescent lava.

Besides the history of eruptions that are quite terrible, Mount Batur saves a million charms of beauty. Not only hiking tours for adventure lovers like me, but also Toya Bungkah’s natural hot springs that I can enjoy while looking at the view of Lake Batur after a tired hike.

After the preparations were complete, 4 impromptu climbers departed from Kuta at 11.30 pm, with daypack equipment, two 1.5 liter aqua bottles on the left and right of the daypack. I think it’s enough for a hike later.

The trip to Kintamani takes approximately 2 hours, with 2 iron horses and 4 impromptu climbers who are full of enthusiasm through the darkness of night to the …

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Explore the West Region of Nusa Penida Island, Bali

Nusa Penida tour – Before 2021 ends, I want to finish some writings on this Java-Bali Road Trip, whose articles were now now not on time because of the truth they were too focused on writing blog competitions (and no character acquired a single one, wkwk). Hopefully this homework can be finished in advance than doing the subsequent Road Trip with a contemporary bucket list. Amen, God willing.    
Considering that at that element we traveled using a private motormotorcycle from Pontianak-Semarang-Wonosobo-Bandung-Yogyakarta-Batu-Malang-Banyuwangi-Bali-Nusa Penida (for 40 days) loads of writing material for this blog.    

Even aleven aleven aleven aleven though this experience changed into performed withinside the midst of a pandemic, but we however the reality that examine health protocols, every crossing supply/province is wanted to carry out Antigen PCR Swap periodically.    

This time it`s however the reality that about Bali, the province I`ve stayed withinside the longest on this experience, that is 12 days. As we recognize Bali is a lovely island in Indonesia, the records of its beauty has spread to numerous additives of the world. No remember the holiday season or now no longer, there are however the reality that many tourists who come proper right proper right here, but alas Bali has changed loads due to the reality the COVID-19 Pandemic, I expect Bali is the handiest who feels the most impact withinside the tourism sector. Tourists are SO ONCE, in reality many motels are forced to close to, many leisure venues and trying to find centers are 

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