Why Shaba national Park on your Kenya Safari holiday

It is impossible to speak approximately the Shaba country wide Reserve without bringing up Samburu national Reserve, and Buffalo Springs national Reserve, because they’re all intertwined, and that they form a trio of uncommon and appealing game sanctuaries, and all neighbours.

Shaba is a rather small national Park being a touch over 239 sq. Kms, and it is best 70 kms north of Mount Kenya, at an altitude various between 700-1500metres.

Traffic go to Parks to look flora and fauna, and the Shaba recreation is splendid. You have got a very good threat of seeing Giraffe, Cheetah, leopard, and lion. You may add to this gazelle, oryx, zebra, and Gerenuk, but of path it’s miles the predators which can be most favourite.

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